International Shopping –

We value our international customers! Therefore we want you to have a welcoming shopping experience at DIVA SALZBURG. We offer a range of services that enable you to discover luxury fashion individually.


We accept all common credit cards, WeChat Pay, AliPay and cash in our stores. If you order via mail or phone, we accept PayPal as well.


The Standard Vat Rate in Austria is 20% and the minimum purchase amount is 75.01 EUR per day. When you want to pay at DIVA SALZBURG, ask our staff for a Tax Free Form. To get your VAT refunded, go to the Customs desk at your departure airport and present your completed Tax Free Form, passport, receipts and purchases to get a stamp on your form.  For more information on tax free shopping read here.


Let’s connect! Before or after your shopping experience you can visit us on our social media channels like WeChat or Whatsapp. To make your shopping experience as comfortable as possible, we send photos or videos of new items to customers all over the world and advise them through our social media channels.


If you are shopping through Salzburg with friends, why not use our private shopping service? Make yourself at home and enjoy a highly exclusive shopping experience on our first floor during business hours or in the evening.


If you are in need of a spontaneous and small change, we will be happy to meet your needs in our in-house tailor’s workshop. Please ask our staff for prices.